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A Cup Of Josie



A story of an independent powerful woman who changes the way we all think of differently-abled people in the workplace.


A Cup Of Josie focuses on an aspiring apprentice chef named Josie working at a local cafe called Bar Centrale. 


This documentary focuses on the three subjects: Josie, Sonya (Owner Of Bar Centrale) & Amanda (Head Teacher Of Hospitality At Tafe NSW). 


Following these subject, we can catch a glimpse into the daily life of Josie. however, despite having inhibitions in her learning, she overcomes them in the bustling kitchen of Bar Centrale. 


Celebrating diversity in the workplace, Bar Centrale creates a nurturing environment in which Josie can excel in her passion, alongside her studies at TAFE. 

A Cup Of Josie is a homegrown true blue Aussie story in the community that showcases the amazing talent of people, no matter what their ability is. 

Director's Statement

This documentary to me represents a homegrown true blue Aussie story in the community. 


The topic explored in this documentary is one that is universal to all in which is diversity in the workplace centred around differently-abled people. I wanted to show that anyone regardless of what they are born with - can pursue their aspirations and give it a "red hot go". 


The future of this documentary is that I want it to become a platform piece in which people can relate to and can activate change in the workplace in the coming future. This documentary highlights the universal story of aspiration and diversity - you might have a "Josie" in your local community! 


I'd like to give a special thank you to our interview subjects. without you all, we would not have the stars of the show! Thank you very much Sonya, Amanda, and especially to our leading lady Josie. 

I enjoyed making and creating this documentary but I would not have done it without my fellow team members. I would like to give a personal thank you to Brendan, Nino, Kiani, Adrian and Adam for creating this documentary. 

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