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Beautiful Hollow



A scared 20-year-old re-lives traumatic and joyous moments with her single mum to heal her abused past during a therapy session. 


Beautiful Hollows follows a broken 20-year-old, who, during another unproductive therapy session, flashes back and forth between life moments. Almost as a third presence, we watch this unique and extremely close relationship between Piper and her single mum. But it's when their pettie arguments turn violent, do we see Piper’s harsh reality and suffocating cycle.


We experience mental and physical abuse alongside her as she must learn to confront her mum, forgive her past and save her younger self. This is a raw, subtle and real coming of age about life, memory, lost childhood, abuse, forgiveness and accepting your past but changing your story. 



Beautiful Hollow at it’s core resides as an acted documentary and coming of age. From its cinematography, lighting, acting, sets and costumes we aimed to represent a real family, with real issues and traumatic moments. To add, this film refuses to shy away from the confronting, unpleasant aspects of life yet shows the beauty and honesty of its flaws. For me, I aimed to bring a personal and typically unheard story to light that realistically depicts the joy and sadness of a single mother/daughter relationship as well as abuse. All universal themes of memory, time, childhood, trauma, growth and family are wrapped up in one very specific, hidden, situation. For only those that have experienced this, truly understand it. 

As a director, it was my duty to tell this story as realistic and uniquely as possible. For to showcase anything less would be an insult to my past self and others affected. Throughout this process, complete trust and a comfortable, positive atmosphere amongst our crew was crucial and hopefully, succeeded. 

I hope audiences are confronted yet changed by Piper’s story with long overdue conversations emerging and ideas of abuse, challenged. In the end, BH encourages audiences to find light amongst dark, inspire hope in those who suffered and provide a catalyst for change, I could have used growing up.

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