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Follow Suit

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Follow Suit explores the psychological journey of a young, competitive and cocky man whose resentment and envy lead him to discover his power driven hunger for success. But when the opportunity for a promotion rehashes an old, bitter rivalry, Will is forced to realise that he’s become the spitting image of a ruthless man he despises, his father, and must overcome harsh truths in order to mend his relationships, and his reputation.


A young, power hungry, narcissist gets caught up in chasing business success and becomes the spitting image of a man he once despises.

Director's Statement

Follow Suit is a drama which investigates the consequences of an all consuming desire for success and power. It was inspired by my curiosity in our ability to adapt to and be influenced by others and the environment around us. As my directorial debut, I aimed to apply this concept to the crew and cast’s group dynamic, which successfully allowed us to share a productive, passionate and highly memorable experience throughout production. I hope that through Follow Suit the audience is encouraged to self reflect on their own values and boundaries, as well as their role within their relationships, their environment, and the wider society.

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