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Don't Stop



When a magic TV remote goes wrong and accidentally freezes someone, how will 2 friends manage to sort out this conundrum?

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2 housemates Harry and Oberon lounge around their living room, bored out of their brains. With little to none food and the TV remote battery running low, they both decide to go to the supermarket. Little did they know, the landlord makes an unexpected visit to the pair and.. lets just say the shenanigans - don’t stop. 

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Director's Statement

Hi, my name is Hayden Huynh and I am the director of Don't Stop. This is the first time directing fictional piece of film as in the past I have directed a documentary and produced other various film projects. Don't Stop turns a mundane everyday object into a hyperrealistic adventure between two housemates.

This has been an eclectic experience working with different creatives and what they bring to the table. The dynamic and vibrant crew was an absolute pleasure to work with as I got to work with not only people who have high work ethic but I'm also proud to call them my friends.

I wanted to make Don't Stop a universal piece in which audiences from any background can understand and have a good old fashion laugh.

I'd like give a special thank you to our talented actors Matthew Gray, Ramsay Smith and Joshua Lawrence. Their performance brought life to the characters written in the script and made it a spirited on-set experience for everyone.

I'd personally like to thank Anita Hampson, Kieran Stanley, Preston Knowles, Joshua Lawrence, Matthew Burgess, Chantelle Japardi, Ben Hipwell, Tom Paino, Xuan Vinh Huynh & Kousha Kovooshi. I'd also like extend my gratitude to Brad Crawford, Renee Brack, Campbell Graham & Dani Wiessner for their creative guidance.

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