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Beautiful Hollow - Film & Behind The Scenes - Hayden Huynh Media, LMR Studios, Sap Media Productions

Beautiful Hollow - Film & Behind The Scenes - Hayden Huynh Media, LMR Studios, Sap Media Productions

#HaydenHuynh #HaydenHuynhMedia ⭐️Releasing on the 02/10/2021 ⭐️ TRIGGER WARNING: DOMESTIC ABUSE Hayden Huynh Media, LMR Studios and Sap Media Productions present BEAUTIFUL HOLLOW. Beautiful Hollow is about scared 20-year-old re-lives traumatic and joyous moments with her single mum to heal her abused past during a therapy session.  We experience mental and physical abuse alongside her as she must learn to confront her mum, forgive her past and save her younger self. This is a raw, subtle and real coming of age about life, memory, lost childhood, abuse, forgiveness and accepting your past but changing your story. You can see more content on the following: CREDITS Cast: Eva Charley as Young Piper Kim Morrell as Mum Charlotte Wood as Present Piper Vicki Gard Therapist Camp Friends: Anna Gafney, Sierra Papps, Elizabeth Salinas, Jasmine Salinas, Chelsea Papps, Katerina Charley Crew Bianca Sappey - Director and Writer Hayden Huynh - 1st Assistant Director and Co-Producer Liam Regent - Co-Producer Larrisa Skidmore-Trovato - Casting Director Michael Bates - Executive Producer David J Smith - Executive Producer Saffron Murphy - Cinematographer Sasha O'Brien - Production Design and Continuity Nathan Hayes - 1st Assistant Camera Brendan Hau - Gaffer Rebecca Speed - Make Up and Styling Nino Small - Audio Supervisor Ben Hipwell - Boom Operator Bee Hambilton - Lapel Microphones Adam Garden - Stunt and Fight Coordinator Kyle Rowling - Stunt and Fight Coordinator Jenny Wu - On Set Photographer Aidan Parkes - Editor Bianca Sappey - Narrative Editor Ryan Stevens - Assistant Editor Bee Hambilton - Colourist Hayden Huynh - Titles, Posters , Mastering Bianca Sappey - Trailers Liam Regent - Trailers Nino Small - Sound Mixing Simon Calder - Soundtrack Composer Moses Rodriguez - Posters "Straight Lines" - Written & Performed by Dawn Landes Bianca Sappey - Behind The Scenes Director Jacob Thompson - Behind The Scenes Director and Cinematographer Hayden Huynh - Behind The Scenes Producer, Behind The Scenes Editor and Colourist Liam Regent - Behind The Scenes Producer Jaidyn Smith - Behind The Scenes Cinematographer Nino Small - Sound Backers Cameron Murphy, Simone Rubagotti, Jenness Regent, Jayda Suppa, Andie Sioulas, Brendan Hau, Larissa Skidmore Trovato, Tim Dennis, Catherine Breadner, Cheryl Sappey, Dean Sappey, Hayden Huynh, Liam Regent Bianca Sappey Special Thanks Kerry Anne Regent, Katerina Charley, Michael Bates, Antony Cirroco, David J Smith, Elizabeth Salinas, Chelsea Papps, Adrian Hawes, Navitas Security Team, Giri Shanker, Sydney Trains, Sydney Trains Media Team, Nepean CAPA High School , Coolendel Camping Ground For business inquiries: ▼ STAY SOCIAL WITH THE BUSINESS INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: IMDB: ▼ STAY SOCIAL PERSONALLY Personal YouTube: Instagram: © Hayden Huynh Media For the material that is used in this video that is copyrighted, all rights and credit go to the original holders and their creators.
A CUP OF JOSIE - Documentary - Hayden Huynh Media

A CUP OF JOSIE - Documentary - Hayden Huynh Media

#HaydenHuynh #HaydenHuynhMedia #ACupOfJosie This is our documentary in which we worked so hard on. This is A CUP OF JOSIE. A CUP OF JOSIE is a documentary that follows our star Josie and got to interview and see what she does on a daily basis at the cafe. Focusing on her, we get to see what a “day in the life” of an apprentice chef and the different inclusions and diversity within the hospitality business. This was 13 weeks in the making and our team is super duper proud for the final product. FIND OUT MORE: Credits: Directed by Hayden Huynh    Produced by  Kiani Iswara  Hayden Huynh    Assistant Producers Adam Campbell Brendan Hau     Director of Photography by Adrian Roas    Assistant Camera Hayden Huynh  Brendan Hau    Edited and Coloured by Brendan Hau    Sound by Nino Small    Lighting Design by Brendan Hau    Motion Graphics and Titling by Adrian Roas   EPK by Adam Campbell Kiani Iswara  Hayden Huynh Trailers & Teasers by: Nino Small Hayden Huynh   Executive Producers:  Renee Brack Campbell Graham Bradley Crawford    Starring:  Sonya Moulang  Josephine Casey  Amanda Good    In collaboration with:  Hayden Huynh Media  Powerstreet Productions  Chocodoco Productions    Special thanks to: Bar Centrale and TAFE NSW - Campbelltown for using their onsite facilities.  Madeline Bezic for guidance and inspiration   © 2020 Hayden Huynh Media x Powerstreet Productions x Chocodoco Productions For business inquiries: ▼ STAY SOCIAL © Hayden Huynh Media For the material that is used in this video that is copyrighted, all rights and credit go to the original holders and their creators.


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