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Freelancing Services

Hayden Huynh Media offers freelancing services in both video and photography production. As a creative for traditional film making, Hayden can be apart of your film crew to provide a service. 

Being experienced in corporate settings such as event coverages, birthday parties, advertisements and promotional videos - spanning to creative such as films, documentaries and photoshoots - Hayden provide his expertise to kickstart or collaborate with your production in mind.   

Looking for an editor? Looking for a camera person? Did you need someone to capture your certain moment?  To start your freelance production, please give us an email enquiry via our contact form

You can check out our freelancing videos and the services that we have offered here

Rates are negotiable however they are subject due to the role that is being undertook and what the production entails. 

Starting rate is at $45/hour - this rate covers both the production and editing side of things. The cost also covers gear insurance and other logistic factors - that means you do not need to worry about pesky admin things! 

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